Phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 starts receiving update to Android 9 Pie

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

The Xiaomi company today released an update for the new units of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S in China who raised this last to the Android 9 Pie. Announced account MIUI official Twitter account that Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S is the first phone from the company will get the latest version of Android.

Thanks update the Android 9 Pie improve the performance of the Xiaomi phone Mi Mix 2S, got on the new features based on artificial intelligence such as Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness. There are also suggestions on smart and feature luxury and Digital, which aims to control the amount of time you spend on the phone.

Update Android 9 Pie new phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S also comes with a user interface, a further revised to deal better with the screen long device. Thanks to this update, it will speak the phone patterns of your usage and adapts them to speed up the process of opening most frequently used applications and switch between them.

There are also some minor improvements in the discovery dialogue and sound cloudy dull background, and the sounds of new notifications, the tones are different. Overall, this update is currently available for units of the Chinese phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, but supposed to be up this update for all the millions of phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S in all over the world by the end of this year.



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