Phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 may come with next-generation processor Snapdragon, the screen size of 6.4 inch

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Assured us Xiaomi company officially to her phone next flagship Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will pay 5G, but the company may have concealed something more interesting relation to the way the phone, which is the next generation of processor Snapdragon which is referred to currently in the name of the Snapdragon 855, although previous rumors suggested the possibility of the launch of this processor under the name of Snapdragon 8150.


But besides this point, this is the panel above to know the details of the other interesting as the screen size of 6.4 inch, rear dual camera, which includes sensor accurately 20 megapixels and 16 megapixels respectively, as well as an internal memory size of 256GB, battery with a capacity 3850mAh. When it comes to random memory, has pointed out this painting to it coming in the size of 8GB, although the company Xiaomi had stated that it would build 10GB, but we believe that we will see 10GB of RAM in weaving the finest of phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 which is likely to up as well with 512GB of internal memory.

In the case if the information is true, it will be very special because we believe in the past that Xiaomi phone Mi Mix 3 will have a processor Snapdragon 845 user in the majority of leading smartphones available in the market currently. And as for the 5G the first of Qualcomm, it is a modem external making it dealing with the 5G and just leaving the task of dealing with young people old of the built-in processor. Thus, modem 5G does not guarantee the upgrade of the processor as a whole. In addition, it has not yet officially announced the processor Snapdragon 855.

The diameter of the screen seems interesting. also, it matches with the diameter of the screen of the phone Xiaomi Mi Mix of the original, but officially confirmed that the accuracy of this screen will remain in the range of +FullHD. Will upgrade the dual camera in the back, surely knowing that he officially confirmed it will support the possibility of filming videos slow rate of 960 frames per second.



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