Phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will thoroughly screen +FullHD, will most likely type AMOLED

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Due to company Xiaomi slide the curtain officially on phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 later this week, exactly next Thursday 25 October. And even then, we have obtained many of the information regarding this phone in the past, and now here we are with new information about this phone.

In fact, he revealed to us the director of the Department of marketing products in the company of Xiaomi, Mr. Zhi Zhiyuan that phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will thoroughly screen +FullHD. Unlike the rest of the smart phones available in the market today which comes in this same precision, the makers of the phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will benefit from all the Pixels, since they do not include any of the pieces thanks to the transfer of the front camera to the mechanism speed from behind the screen.

Regardless of the screen, it make us also in the past that Xiaomi phone Mi Mix 3 will pay 5G, and 10GB of RAM. On the other hand, I suggested the previous rumors of the coming of this phone with the processor Snapdragon 845, and with the dual front camera 24 MP sensor core, AMOLED screen made by Samsung for sensor fingerprint which will be included under the screen. Overall, don’t forget to come back next Thursday to get all of the details.



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