Phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will have screen updated 90Hz, and fast shipping strongly 40W

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

We got the important diversion for phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 last week, a recording that revealed to us about a lot of things about this phone, including camera specifications, memory, and software that’s coming out of this phone. However, ruled out that the registry some of the details interesting.

Publication on the social network of Chinese Weibo today that the phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will get a screen with the rate update reaches 90Hz, and fast shipping strongly 40W. With the company free of any clipping or holes similar to the previous generations, you’ll resort company Xiaomi to the camera system pop-up for the front camera.

However, we do not suggest you should trust complete this information because the source does not have a record long enough to know the extent of its credibility, but given what’s happening in the smartphone market now, the above is not far-fetched.


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