Phone Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha will screen the waterfall covering the whole phone interface


Before the big event to be held by Xiaomi company on Day 24 of the month of September, the company disclosed more details about the Xiaomi phone Mi Mix Alpha. Will this in fact is the successor of Xiaomi phone Mi Mix 3 will be designed completely different compared to its predecessor. Been published many of the posters headline on the official account of the company on the social network of Chinese Weibo, which gives small hints about what we can expect at the event next week.

Know the first poster registration details of the phone in addition to ambition to continue innovation under the series phones Xiaomi Mi Mix. The most interesting thing is to show a peek to the screen of the phone Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha next to some of the book covers. This means that the screen of the phone will bend very clear on the aspects like a boy’s bow the screen of the waterfall in the phone Vivo NEX 3. Another hint is to Phone Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha will prevent the device screen, cover 100% of the interface device.

With four days left on the event, likely to see more advertising headline that will give us a clearer picture of what will bring her the phone Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha.


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