Phone Xperia the boat will come with a hole in the screen for the front camera


Sony make some much needed changes on its smart phones issued this year, the most significant of these changes to provide its smart phones modern screen long feature with a height of 9:21. It seems that the year 2020 will lead to further improvements in the Xperia smartphones including the use of the hole in the screen for the front camera. You know a patent has been published recently in the library database, the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO design of the Sony user interface with its next in addition to its screen which includes a slim frame at the top.

Through a closer look at the screen to show us the multithreading windows, but it’s interesting to use both of the top two to view the information with the time on the left and battery status on the right side. This suggests that Sony may use a hole in the top middle section of the screen for the front camera-style series phones, Galaxy Note 10 Series. To enable those on the site LetsGoDigital from the conversion of the patent this to Photos Computer know not how it will look like this phone better.

Apart from that, we do not have a lot of information now. We recently saw the Xperia 3 next in platform performance tests Geekbench, a phone which will be the processor Snapdragon 865 latest from Qualcomm, و12GB of memory random. In addition, it is believed that this phone will support 5G, which will be six cameras in the back, and a strictly +QuadHD display.

In the past year, the company released the Sony phone Xperia 1 to the side of the Xperia 10 and Xperia 10 Plus during the Mobile World Congress MWC, so we can see the lineup of new Xperia in this year’s edition of the same conference.

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