Phone Zenfone 6 from Asus will be released officially on May 16,

After rumors spread in the last days refers to the arrival of the phone Zenfone 6 new in 14 May, published today ASUS Pennzoil on Twitter, confirming that it will detect the phone officially on 16 May.

According to the company, the issuance this year of phone Zenfone 6 will be different and available for issuance last year, as described by the company that it would be “unusual”.

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We don’t know exactly what do you mean Asus in this beautiful painting, but it is likely to show a different phone, it is possible to include the mechanism of the camera slider because it’s been leaking some images that revealed the top of the phone.

Just wait till May 16 to know what you’re planning Asus phone Zenfone 6.


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