Phone Zero of Meizu no ports or buttons and is priced at 1299 $

The company launched the Meizu funding campaign to the latest smart phones, Zero on the website Indiegogo, which comes with a design featuring any ports or buttons or even the holes also comes at a price of 1299 dollars.

Meizu port-less phone

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Comes phone Zero with a new design go to some Chinese companies in the recent period, where the design of the phone on the wireless charging so you won’t need to separate for, as Come design featuring technical acoustics at the screen with a view to abolition of the speaker or microphone openings, also comes the advantage sensor built-in screen.

The Meizu began in a campaign to raise funding for the phone worth $ 100,000 and, where applicable, the phone on the website Indiegogo at a price of 1299 dollars, featuring Chip Snapdragon processor 845, with the sensor of the fingerprint in the screen, also supports technology eSIM.

As the company Meizu to sell the original model of the phone priced at 2,999 USD on the Indiegogo site, so we expect in the coming period how the success of the company Meizu in funding campaign that I started for the phone, and whether these specifications will be a source to attract users to participate in this campaign.


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