Phones “Galaxy S-9” from Samsung appears in the leaked images

جالاكسي إس 9

جالاكسي إس 9

Spread on the internet pictures of the new phones “Galaxy S-9″ and”s-9+” of Samsung, and so on edema, Evan Blass, who is considered the most famous in the area of the leaks.

Re the location of the VB posting those pictures that are said to be the final design for the new Samsung that will be unveiled on 25 February next in a special conference of the police in conjunction with the Barcelona Exhibition MWC 2018.

Show new phones with the same design of the previous generation with some differences, the side edges of the company is not curved, but usually the company has to add the thick edges to protect the screen on what it seems. Also, the upper part contains a greater variety of sensors which may be for face recognition.

Focused Korean company last year on a curved screen that gives a sense of continuity in the presentation of the picture, I called it “screen-gas product” Infinity Display, which makes to get rid of that design is reprehensible at the present time.

Samsung officially determined February 25 as the date to reveal the “galaxy s 9”

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