Phones “Galaxy S 9” married with face recognition

جالاكسي إس 9

جالاكسي إس 9

Revealed demo version for Android oreo 8.1, which was launched by Samsung a few days ago, about the presence of face detection by using more of the sensor in the “galaxy s-9”, depending on the mentioned site SamCentral.

Found the location on the option is hidden within the privacy and security of a property of face recognition that rely on the front camera and sensor resolution of the iris at the same time, that to reach for greater resolution in determining the identity of the person.

Attached to Samsung video indicates that those waters will contribute to identify the user whatever the lighting conditions, the fastest will be infrared this is useful in poor lighting conditions, the front camera can take advantage of them in natural lighting conditions, but the mechanism of action is not yet confirmed.

Supports processors Exynos 9810 and the”Snapdragon 845″, which will be used in the “galaxy s-9”, the sensor of face recognition such as found in the “iPhone x”, those that rely on sensor cameras, especially the infrared, which increases the likelihood of seeing features in these phones at least, and maybe the “Galaxy S 8″ and”Note 8”.

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