Phones Android One coming from the Shawty will sensor fingerprint built-in with screen

Back new report claims that the company Shao my work phone two new working Android One, and cook them bamboo_sprout and cosmos_sprout, to the side of the phone the third carries the codename pyxis which is supposed to be a version of the Chinese for these phones.

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And this report that both phones will contain sensors fingerprint built the network, unlike all of the Mi A1, Mi A2, if the fingerprint sensor installed in the back of them. The report also reveals that the phones will come with front and back cameras strictly 32-megapixel camera equipped with Pixel Binning four-in-one which combines information from four pixels to create one pixel large. Are available the technique of Pixel Binning already with the phone Mi A2 and most of the phones Shawty smart.

Not detected on other specifications yet, but is likely to come top version of the two phones with a processor Snapdragon 675 such as a phone Redmi Note 7 Pro. It is also expected that there will be a small bump style phones set Redmi Note 7.

It is also likely to show the version China of the phone first, just as happened in the previous two years.


I know of

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