Phones Asus the next come two designs for the front vehicle

Join Asus to the Giants of manufacturing a phone in the adopted design language camera built-in screen in the patent of the new company, also submitted a patent other phone features to design complete control popup from the top of the phone sizes varying.


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After the launch of all of my phone Galaxy A8s Samsung nova 4 from Huawei as the first versions of the premium smartphones with a camera built in the screen, using more of the companies in adopt the same design language in the next versions of smartphones, as the latest leaks about the patented Asus in the two designs for the front vehicle.

The first patent recorded by Asus in camera built-in screen, where comes the hole in the left side of the design of the phone, which is the same design that made the Samsung and Huawei in all of my phone Galaxy A8s nova 4.


While featuring the patented second monitor via LetsGoDigital design featuring full control popup from the top of the phone, with a distinctive design tires too skinny for the phone, to come camera in this design with varying sizes.

Projections indicate that the design that appears in the patent may also refer to speakers built into the top frame of the phone which show through the pop-up window.

Recall that the Asus turned in the recent period to focus on the phones that host the games, so you might expect the new designs with the company’s strategy in the development of phones the games, but is expected to apply to these versions between the months of February to march of at.


I know of

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