Phones Evo 12 may carry a laser camera with LED path LiDAR

Phones iPhone 12 coming during the last quarter of the year will come in four versions, and at least two of them will carry a camera of a new kind.

هواتف ايفون 12 قد تحمل كاميرا ليزرية بتقنية الليدار LiDAR

In addition to the camera tripod that we saw in the Evo 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max there will be a camera of a fourth technology led path LiDAR is the imaging light and laser.

The camera of the fourth will be for photography three-dimensional where it says that the new camera calculates the time it takes the laser beam back and forth and thus calculate the distance sale the body of the camera to create a three-dimensional image.

This will improve the camera performance on the level of the imaging and focus and solitude that only the great importance true that the camera will be with other things like augmented reality apps en.

هواتف ايفون 12 قد تحمل كاميرا ليزرية بتقنية الليدار LiDAR

Augmented reality technology Augmented Reality known in short AR is based on the process of merging, mixing and installation of the digital images produced by the apps and games with the real fact.

This technique is still in its infancy even now, but with the development of applications and games on them with the improved specifications the cameras and processors will see a new leap with her.

Camera LED path LiDAR laser we’ve seen already with the devices iPad Pro 2020 recently announced it is natural to be present in some versions of the Evo 12 the next.

Other benefits anticipated use of the processor Apple A14 with the processing of 5 nm, and the random size of 6 GB, and raise the screen refresh rate , etc.

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