Phones Galaxy achieved sales of 2 million units in 10 years

Samsung has announced in its conference that was held in San Francisco recently that the sales of the Galaxy S reached the 2 million units since the launch of the first family of the Galaxy S and even now.

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The company launched the Samsung released the first of the family of Galaxy S in 2010, where she was the starting point for Samsung to be one of the Giants manufacturing smart phones in the world.

Has she managed to get Samsung to control a large share of sales of smart phones in the market since 2012, as it dominated also the title of the first company in the world in the manufacture of the phone, which is the title of seeking Huawei now to get to him.

Has Samsung confirmed its leadership in the smart phone industry with its announcement today about the sales reached 2 million units over almost 10 years, where it is expected that this figure includes sales of Samsung phones Galaxy S وNote, as weather forecasts indicate that this figure also includes series of phones available from Galaxy A, and Galaxy C and also the Galaxy J.

Recall that Apple revealed sales of the same figure in the month of September last, except that this figure included the sales of Apple phones, the iPhone and the iPad running iOS, while the announcement comes Samsung for phone sales only.


I know of

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