Phones Galaxy M suffering from annoying ads one system

Face to Shawty arrows of criticism to include ads in one MIUI, especially on the devices available and cheap, but it seems that the series Galaxy M will compete for the title of worst in show ads.

Samsung has launched the M series to rival the Chinese in the category of phones economic, and review Gadgets 360 for my M20, and M30 to the competition will show ads that spread to my phone Samsung mentioned to become more intertwined with the user experience much, compared to one in MIUI.

Review Galaxy M20, reminds the community that the annoying ads popping up since the moment you turn on the phone for the first time, so that the entire lock screen sounds like a front for ads after I added the Samsung app Glance to view the content of the trailer every time open the phone, and it comes at the expense of displaying important notices.

With the first watches to use the M20, and referred the audit to the emergence of a lot of annoying ads that ask for a vote or move the user to the application or web site. But he found that he can hide the ads from the lock screen when you set a new wallpaper for the lock screen by selecting “background image” instead of default option “background image & stories”.

And review Galaxy M30, pointed out the location of some of Samsung apps pre-installed such as the Samsung Max which collects information on the use, and application of My Galaxy that displays announcements and news dedicated to the user, noted that he can appear up to 4 and 6 ads daily status notifications, including news, promotion and movies, the audit indicated that he did not stop to prepare to disable the ads, but modify the application to My Galaxy.

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So advertising intensive you’ll find the Samsung in place of the bad compared to the competition, so Shawty that was said they know the ads in the full system interface.

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