Phones Galaxy Note 10 you get double the pre-orders won by the Galaxy Note 9 in South Korea

Galaxy Note 10+

Achieved series phones, Galaxy Note 10 Series new a huge success in South Korea, has received this series twice the advance orders received by the phone Galaxy Note 9 during the past year in the country. As you probably know, it has become the series phones Galaxy Note 10 Series New available for pre-order since today, 9 August, so it’s been 11 days since then, with the knowledge that Samsung will begin shipping units to customers in the next Friday.

At that time, was asked a total of 1.3 million units of the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10. Proved to be the most popular model is the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G equipped with 256GB of internal memory with color silver expected. Take into account that Samsung know copy 5G of the two phones Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 in South Korea only, at least at the moment.

Know telecommunications companies, the South Korean financial subsidies to buyers ranging from 230$ and 370$. Possible plans of Korea Telecom to provide maximum support, while the maximum subsidies of SK Telecom and LG U about 345$.

There is some controversy here also. Some retail stores, a subsidiary of Korea Telecom provide subsidies large up to about 580$, which is the subsidies, which are considered by the committee on communications, the South Korean illegal. The official price full phone Galaxy Note 10 is 910 U.S. dollars in South Korea, and therefore it represents a discount very large.


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