Phones Galaxy S10 achieved better sales than the Galaxy S9 31% in the Netherlands


Samsung announced the four amateur smart as part of a series of Galaxy S10 Series in the month of March last, three of these phones, the four made their way already to the Netherlands since then, this three phones on is Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 +and Galaxy S10. According to the company Samsung in the Netherlands, it seems he was selling more than 100 thousand units of this smart phone, the three combined in the first three months, this represents an increase of 31 percent compared with the sales achieved by the series phones Galaxy S9 Series in the same country during the same time period.

Uncover the marketing director in the branch of the company Samsung in the Netherlands, Mr. Gerben van Walt Meijer that 99 percent of the Dutch are looking to the right age of the battery, and 97 percent need to the image quality suitable, while he wants to 97 percent of them the price is attractive. He added that phones Galaxy S10 latest from Samsung is a leader in all these aspects.

The most popular color in the Netherlands is black, half of the units Galaxy S10 purchased in the Netherlands were enjoy this Color. I got 20 percent of the owners of units in white, with considering the green color option is the second most popular at 18 percent. According to the research of Internal, the millennials ( each person between the ages of 18 and 25 years old ) also prefer to use their smartphones one-handed, this is another major reason pushes them to choose to buy the flagship phone of Samsung.


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