Phones Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S10 getting a new color in China

Galaxy S10

Samsung announced today about a new color for the phone Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S10 in China. Expect these two phones are currently in different colors including black, white, green, black and white ceramic. Now, in a publication on the social network of Chinese Weibo, and Samsung revealed also the blue color of the phone Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S0. However, we wonder if this Color is shiny and as such as Blue Prism is expected in many Western markets.

Succeeded series phones Galaxy S10 Series in harvesting strong sales so far, and the issuance of the new color is the method used by the manufacturers of smart phones are often to promote sales, after several weeks of its launch. With the launch of 5G in China soon, it won’t take long until the launch of the Galaxy S10 5G in China.

When was the launch of the Galaxy S10 for the first time in China, Samsung sold 500 thousand units in the first two weeks of availability, which is double the sales achieved by the Galaxy S9 in the same market.


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