Phones Galaxy S10 get a new update with improvements in camera and other features!

Samsung has started to send a new update to phones Galaxy S10 with a range of new features and additional tasks, most notably the addition of two new features to the camera leading actress.

هواتف جالكسي S10 تحصل على تحديث جديد مع تحسينات في الكاميرا

Phones Galaxy S10 get a new update with camera improvements

According to SamMobile has been improving the status of night photography by allowing users to capture sharper images in low-light conditions, as the update to reduce the noise that sometimes appear in night shots.

Moreover, users will be able to Galaxy S10 now use night mode with camera wide-angle, and although the noise still appear in the captured images, but they are brighter and more detailed.

There is improvement another important is the fact that you can capture pictures Live Focus through telephoto lens, which is not possible only with Galaxy S10 5G, will allow the addition of new users to take a picture peachy and for larger objects much easier.

Finally, it has started phones Galaxy S10 three in the received update with the security patches for the month of May in Switzerland currently, with update access to users in other parts of the world during the next few days.

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