Phones Galaxy S10 lost about 50% of its market value within 30 days, according to a new report

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Are you looking to sell the Galaxy S10 your own? Well, the bad news is that the value of this phone is now half what I paid for it, at least according to a recent report from the BankMyCell, a website that lets you sell your phone user.

The site says the BankMyCell to phone Galaxy S10e lost 50.2 percent of its value in about just 30 days, while losing the phone +Galaxy S10 about 47 percent of its value, the phone Galaxy S10 about 42.7 percent of its value. The report said that this makes the Galaxy S10 is one of the fastest devices that have lost their value since the year 2017.

The performance was the iPhone XR and iPhone XS from Apple is much better in the report, these two phones have lost about 42 percent of their value since their launch to now. The site said BankMyCell : ” on the basis of impairment, the series phones Galaxy S10 within one month greater value compared with the iPhone XR and iPhone XS in 9 months “.

Was the 128GB version of the phone Galaxy S10e are the most affected, it has reduced the price from 750 USD new unit to US $ 350 for the unit used, so after just 30 days of issuance. On the other hand, the market price of the copy 1 TB of the phone +Galaxy S10 from 1600 USD to 750 USD only. Before concluding, the report indicates that the Galaxy S10 will lose 65 percent of its value by March of 2020.


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