Phones Galaxy S10 will come with their own wallet for digital

Samsung Galaxy S10+

If you’re someone who loves trading this digital currency, and you have little ones, it may be the Galaxy S10 is the right phone for you. Due to the fact that Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S10 the new recently announced will come with a special portfolio for Digital called ” Samsung Blockchain Keystore “.

This is basically a wallet for cold storage, which can be used to store a variety of digital currencies, which include Bitcoin and Ethereum and Cosmo Coin. In addition to the portfolio of the digital currency, has Samsung announced also that the phone will support some of the applications of decentralized ( Decentralized Apps ), and will be Cosmochain one of the first partners.

This is not the first time that you try to Samsung to take advantage of the technology block and digital. Moreover, it is not the first company to launch a smartphone based on this technology also. The company announced the HTC about the possibility of buying phone HTC Exodus 1 using real money after the company had to accept the possibility of buying this phone using the digital currency only.

It is not clear whether to support the digital currencies will be the next feature we’ll start seeing it on more devices in the future, but for now, you will get a portfolio of digital currencies in the Galaxy S10 your. However, there is currently no information on whether Samsung plans to bring this feature to the phones Galaxy old or not.


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