Phones Galaxy S20 against Evo 11 – how to win the Samsung four advantages great?

Samsung announced recently about the series phones Galaxy s new for 2020, which include three phones are: Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus and S20 ultra. In this article we will not go into a detailed comparison between these versions and phones Evo 11 on paper but instead we chose 5 features in which to miss the series Galaxy S20 clearly.هواتف جالكسي S20 ضد ايفون 11 - كيف تفوقت سامسونج بأربع مزايا رائعة؟

Some might argue that phones Evo 11 ending fiscal year while the series Galaxy S20 advertised in the in 2020 may be this account makes sense, but we also mention that the phones Evo 11 are available in the market since less than five months only – until the date of writing the article – this is not a time period far, as to phones Evo 12 ahead will not be disclosed except in the month of September.

Nurses next that we will mention in this article practical and useful to a large segment of users in one form or another, all or at least some, and the Apple her attention and observance when development series Evo 12 next.

1. 5G

Supports series Galaxy S20 5G super speed will stop within the United States and in several other states, in particular, may not necessarily expect within the Arab world to the lack of infrastructure for networks of the fifth generation in most of the Arab states.

هواتف جالكسي S20 ضد ايفون 11 - الجيل الخامس

The fifth-generation networks faster an order of magnitude compared to the networks of the fourth generation, can hit speeds of up to 1 or 2 GB per second, maybe faster depending on the signal quality and coverage. Phones Evo 11 supports networks fourth generation 4G may be sufficient and fast but not as fast or efficient networks of the fifth generation certainly.

2. Screen 120 Hz

Phones Samsung Galaxy S20 , the three come to a great rate of refresh 120 Hz which is twice the refresh rate found in most smart phones including high-end phones, and thus make the objects displayed on the screen such as movies and games with smooth movement and ergonomic. (The refresh rate refers to the number of times of appearance of the image on the screen per second).

هواتف جالكسي S20 ضد ايفون 11 - شاشة الـ 120 هيرتز

Apple already has a screen ProMotion used in the devices iPad Pro it looks like they will also use them in phones Evo 12 next note that the update rate of the user in the screen of phones Evo 11 is 60 hertz only.

3. High magnification

Away from the superior sound quality offered by the camera phones Galaxy S20 in normal development, there are advantages other important techniques such as high magnification.

Phone Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus supports optical zoom up to 3 times zoom and ultra “Super Resolution Zoom” up to 30 times depending on the capabilities of the camera and techniques of artificial intelligence in improving the quality of the magnified image while preserving the maximum amount of details and quality while doing so. The phone Galaxy S20 Ultra it supports optical zoom up to 10 times zoom Ultra “Space Zoom” up to 100 times!

هواتف جالكسي S20 ضد ايفون 11 - التكبير الفائق

Of course the user will need in working life-to-zoom like this, but the witness that the camera provide a huge amount of detail with the help of the camera’s specification and capabilities of image processing not to lose any details even if small.

Camera phones Evo 11 supports optical zoom up to twice digital zoom up to 5 or 10 times depending on the version and certainly will experience a larger improvement with a series of Evo at least 12 raising the optical zoom to 3 times.

4. Shipping in two directions

Phones Galaxy S20 comes with a battery is relatively large, ranging from 4000 to 5000 milli-amps depending on the version and supports wireless charging technology reverse can use any of those phones to charge another phone charging wirelessly.

With a growing battery of faith during the recent years the development perspective in the next versions can use the wireless charging technology reverse to use an iPhone to charge the phone iPhone or else Apple Watch or hear the AirPods.

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