Phones +Galaxy S9/S9 they will receive the support of ARCore in the near future


Package software development augmented reality ARCore of the company, Google does not currently support high-end phones the latest from Samsung, and, of course, all of the Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9. However, this will change soon because according to a member of the team Google en, you’ll come support these devices soon, and that’s exactly what he said :

Will be added support for the Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9 in the next version, which will be released in the coming weeks.

In case you haven’t heard about ARCore before, they are a package for the software application augmented reality comes as a response to the package software development augmented reality ARKit released by Apple in the past year. This package aims to bring augmented reality experiences for smartphones current and upcoming without the need of any additional hardware.

It is worth mentioning that the version of the trial version of package software development of augmented reality ARCore SDK by Google Inc. in August of last year, has recently launched the first version of the official 1.0.


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