Phones Google Pixel 3a is the most amenable to reform years ago

Is every modern smartphone as a nightmare due to the process of reform, starting from the Galaxy S10 to P30 Pro. As it turns out, the construction of the smart phones with a lot of glue welding makes it easy to replace the battery and internal components.

However, it seems that phones and Google Pixel 3a new better than all other phones in terms of ease of operation jaw reform, where the report indicates iFixit team to both phones is possible to refurbish them to study is not difficult, unlike the previous phones of the company Google.

IFixit team Grant phone Pixel 3 XL scores 3/10, while the regular version got a score of 4/10. While the new phones I got 6/10 and 7/10 respectively.

Source: (iFixit (1, 2

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