Phones Google Pixel 4.. highlights of leaks about the specifications and features of the new

Google announced during the past week about the scheduled launch of the fourth generation of its smart phones (Pixel 4) Pixel 4, in the 15 October next in the city of New York, USA.

May be phones Google (Pixel 3); which launched last year, are the phones that got more leaks and rumors in the history of phones, where we knew everything about her, almost before long unveiled; even if it’s a link to the published reviews, full phone two.

It was expected for Pixel 4 that Google will prevent leaks for you some surprises that will be held for the first time on 15 October, although it was published seven different sources and leaks about the phone Pixel 4 XL, and we watched him from every angle and in three different colors, we just don’t know the accuracy of the cameras and new features that will support it.

In addition to that; surprised Google themselves everyone post a video clip demonstrating some of the new features; and most important: support facial recognition technology similar to the iPhone, and add sensors, a new movement.

If you want to know everything released for phones Pixel 4 are so far ahead of the official announcement about, we have brought to you today all the published information about the phones Google expected.

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1 – design:

During the month of June last the Google post official image for Pixel 4 on Twitter, she explained the presence of cameras back in the box round prominent in the left corner as stated in phones iPhone 11 new that has arrived to the Apple Store yesterday, but it is not known up to now are you going to pay phones sensor the fingerprint or you with the technical support facial recognition?

Explained the video published by Google also during the month of July last that the extrusion at the top of the screen is a bit large to accommodate the front camera and all sensors new.

We can say that Google will this year introduce a whole new design for Pixel 4 is quite different with the previous generations, I finished the glass back matte color, and replace the design of homogeneous sleeker with the absence of the fingerprint in the back like the iPhone almost.

Here’s what it looks like phones Pixel 3 today, for comparison:

هواتف جوجل Pixel 4.. أبرز التسريبات حول المواصفات والميزات الجديدة

According to people who saw the phones initial the all glass back cover and the outer perimeter have a matte finish resists fingerprints and.

Note: because the photos and videos that leaked all phone Pixel 4 XL larger size, there is a possibility that comes Pixel 4 smaller size different in design somehow. But this is not available by a large percentage, because Google has already launched its phones last year, all of them: the Pixel 3, the وPixel 3 XL, وPixel 3A are almost similar in design.

2. colors:

هواتف جوجل Pixel 4.. أبرز التسريبات حول المواصفات والميزات الجديدة

So far Google revealed the color of the colors of the phones Pixel 4, the first: is the Black color that appeared in tweets about the Pixel 4, the second: is the orange color that appeared in the official announcement of the phones located in (Times Square) Times Square in New York City. As revealed leaks a lot of phone Pixel 4 XL bulk also about the white color.

According to assess the website 9to5Google will be the names of the three colors as follows: Just Black, and white Clearly, and oh So Orange, as is the case in phones Pixel of the previous it seems that each phone will have a button to run the colour, the phones with black color, orange, will be buttoned white, phone white will have an orange button.

We can also see that the box camera and the background in black to the three colors of the phones – unlike the iPhone 11; the Apple, the manufacturing of the stained glass piece itself.

Reported by another report of indiashopps in June that there will be a choice of color, another is light green in phones, Pixel 4, but we haven’t seen that in any of the video clips, or pictures Pixel 4 XL that leaked so far. There is a possibility that be the case for phone Pixel 4 smaller since we didn’t share a lot of the leaks so far.

3. specifications:

Google has not announced any specifications indoor phones Pixel 4 even now. But based on the many leaks we expect some new translations, and additional phones last year Pixel 3.

Will phones Google leading processor and Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 – working phones Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and definitely will perform better than a processor last year’s Snapdragon 845 last year.

It may be the biggest change is the Ram; where refers to the increase in the amount of 2 GB of the Pixel 3 to Pixel 4, so that the capacity of the Ram to 6 GB.

But the highlight was on the screen that will experience high-resolution display QHD+, the rate of update of 90 hertz, and that’s something we’ve seen in a very small number of smartphones, the latest of which is the phone OnePlus 7 Pro, which is a smoother user experience especially in games.

It is said that Google this feature allows Smooth Display, and may really help phones Pixel 4 to enjoy the centre of strong competition occurring in the market of smart phones.

4 – camera:

هواتف جوجل Pixel 4.. أبرز التسريبات حول المواصفات والميزات الجديدة

You have exceeded the phone’s camera iPhone 11 Pro now camera Pixel 3 in image quality, but Pixel 4 may bring a second camera 16-megapixel with a lens telefuture despite our lack of knowledge of the amount of aperture and focal length, but leaks indicate that it will be able to make zoom up to 8 times, using a combination potential of zooming optical and digital.

Otherwise; it seems that phones Pixel 4 adheres to the camera main accurately 12.2 MP – an accurate a tried and true phones specialized in photography in places with low light – but the phones new Google is expected to support the lens aperture of f / 1.73 a little faster which should allow the lighting a little more than a lens of f / 1.8 ex. Will the phones front camera single lens of 8-megapixel almost.


Pixel 4

Pixel 4 XL

Operating system

The Android 10.

The Android 10.


Snapdragon 855 from Qualcomm.

Snapdragon 855 from Qualcomm.


The screen

5.7 inch type AMOLED, and accurately +Full HD, and supports a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

6.3-inch type AMOLED, and accurately + Quad HD, and supports a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Internal storage space

64 or 128 GB.

64 or 128 GB.


6 GB.

6 GB.

Features of insurance biometric

Facial recognition Face ID.

Facial recognition Face ID.

Rear camera

Binary lenses; basic: accurately 12 megapixel, and the second: lens telephoto accurately 16 megapixel.

Binary lenses; basic: accurately 12 megapixel, and the second: lens telephoto accurately 16 megapixel.

The front camera

Camera mono 8-megapixel.

Camera mono 8-megapixel.

The size of the battery

3700 mAh/hour.

2800 Ma/hour.

5. the facial recognition feature:

Explained Google in a promotional video that the phone Pixel 4 will support facial recognition technology just like the iPhone, stressing on the fact that its technology will be different, requiring you to phones other lifting device in a certain way, the lack of variation in shape like wearing the glasses, and wait until it is open, then scrolling to get to the main screen.

While the Pixel 4 all this in a more simple way, when approaching the phone works radio motion sensor Soli proactively turn on the sensor and facial recognition, with the realization that you might want to unlock your phone. If you have sensors, facial recognition algorithms, it will open the phone in one movement.

Better yet; that the facial recognition feature works in almost any direction, as you can use them in operations to secure payment, authentication applications also.

6. the sensor of a new movement:

مستشعرات حركة جديدة

Indicated to Google through the video clip published, how users can control the phone without touching the screen using hand gestures only, thanks to radio and motion sensor that allows (Soli) Soli, where it senses small movements occurring around the phone, and combines the algorithms of the operating system unique sensors developed, so that it can recognize gestures, and recognize them when you’re close.

Google says in the publication via her blog: “the phone Pixel 4 will be the first device that works with Soli, where the running features (Motion Sense) of the New own to allow you to skip songs, and alarms the house, and silence calls by waving your hand only without catch phone”.

Will there be a version of the Pixel 4 supports 5G?

Don’t expect to support phones Google expected Pixel 4 networks of the fifth generation, I’m late Google over the past years a little bit in the integration of modern technologies in its phones Nexus, وPixel, including the potential of good networking.

Likely to follow Google’s footsteps Apple supported its phones connection 802.11 ax; which is the technical name for the previous connection (Wi-Fi) Wi-Fi 6, which provides improvement in the speed of the internet connection.

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