Phones iPhone 11 supports Wi-Fi 6. here’s what you should know about it

Think these days are the season of phones iPhone New, despite the new features, and strong performance thanks to the processor the new Apple TV, did not call any of the phone models of the new 5G – expect to be available in 2020 -, but this does not mean that there will be improvement in the speed of the connection, where they announced the Apple TV that three new handsets: iPhone 11,iPhone 11 Pro, andiPhone 11 Pro Max – supports connections to Wi-Fi 6 of the next generation.

Refer technical specifications for phones published by Apple on its website that all versions (iPhone, 11) iPhone 11 supports connection to 802.11 ax; which is the technical name for the previous generation of Wi-Fi connection Wi-Fi 6.

What is Wi-Fi 6:

Is (Wi-Fi 6) Wi-Fi 6 the latest version of the standard 802.11 for wireless networks, which we call habit (Wi-Fi) Wi-Fi. The current version that you are probably using most of the hardware is 802.11 ac, Wi-Fi or 5. But devices that support Wi-Fi, 6 enjoy at a higher speed, and greater efficiency than ever before.

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What are the main features of Wi-Fi 6:

  • Supports transfer speeds higher: it is 40% faster than the previous generation Wi-Fi 5.
  • To prolong the life of the battery: where the help of sensors, tools and other wireless conserve battery power by scheduling transmissions.
  • Better performance, faster in crowded places such as airports and stadiums.
  • 8 channels to consider: allows devices to send more information across each channel resulting in increased efficiency, and reduced latency.
  • Prevents the data transfer rate associated with Wi-Fi 6 more bandwidth to speed up the communication between multiple devices and also offers new technologies to help Standard on the management of these devices better without a slowdown in performance.

Are you going to iPhone 11 internet connection faster:

هواتف iPhone 11 تدعم Wi-Fi 6.. إليك ما يجب معرفته عن ذلك

Definitely going to be iPhone 11, and other devices that support Wi-Fi 6 – such as: phones Samsung Galaxy S10 – able to take advantage of all the advantages mentioned above but the condition to work with routers access points supports Wi-Fi 6. But you won’t see any difference at all if you’re still using the routers Wi-Fi 5. Certainly, the routers Wi-Fi 6 available now, but its still expensive as any new technology.

Even if you get a router that supports Wi-Fi 6 you won’t get the speed expected, if the connection from the internet service provider is slow, for example: if the speed is 100 Mbps, This is the maximum speed you have, nor can Wi-Fi 6 do anything to accelerate it.

At the current time, the average download speed in most countries is 120 Mbps, which is not close to the top speed which the standard Wi-Fi 6 in theory. The use of Wi-Fi router 6 on a network like this is somewhat similar to driving a sports car on the sand.

It is worth noting that the Wi-Fi 6 is still in its initial stages, where it has not been adopted formally yet, but it will happen very soon.

Of course; support for Wi-Fi 6 help establish a future lineup of phones iPhone new, but it is not a feature necessary even now, and you don’t feel you have to replace your router.

هواتف آيفون 2019

However; the spread of fiber-optic networks and other communications which are approaching gigabit speeds means that the Wi-Fi network 6 are likely to be more closely related to a wide range of users over the next year or so. Now that phones have become an iPhone 11 new supports this feature, you can expect to follow suit more devices, where the remains of the Apple editor, strong in the smartphone market.

It should be noted that Wi-Fi networks 6 appeared in some public places this year; including: Wi-Fi 6 Boingo at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, which operates since last April.

If your phone supports the new standard, you can take advantage of public networks during the fast development, but if your phone still supports Wi-Fi 5, Don’t worry where the Wi-Fi networks 6 compatible with previous versions and with devices Wi-Fi the old, but keep in mind that the connection will not be fast or the efficiency itself if connected to routers access points Wi-Fi 6.

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