Phones iPhone 12 Pro may not arrive with screens 120Hz after all

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In the case if the previous rumors are true, it comes phones iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max with screens enjoy rate update reaches 120Hz. This certainly is very interesting if these rumors are true, but according to Ross Young of the Display Supply Chain Consultants, he says that he heard from some sources that this is not true.

According to Ross Young, he says that the interests of his own is unable to confirm the rumors of the advent of iPhones with screens 120Hz in the year 2020. Instead, says Ross Young to this may happen for iPhone coming in the year 2021 and models 2020. This contradicts the claims made by many of the veterans on staff, so it is still unclear what is the thing that we should believe in the moment.

It is logical to say Apple is using screens to 120Hz in phones iPhone 12 Series. The company Apple is using screens 120Hz for the first time in the iPad Pro several years ago, so felt it only a matter of time before Apple bring these screens to the iPhone. As you probably know, there are many Android phones with screens 120Hz in the market currently, so it will be supposed on Apple now do the same step with the iPhone.

Anyway, since all we heard so far just rumors, it is better that everything is handled with the least amount of protection at the moment even know Apple for everything official, which should happen later this year.

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