Phones iPhone 2022 network supports the 5G, I know the details

Bought the apple industry modem Intel earlier this year in a deal amounting to a million dollars, so in an attempt to develop its organs internally without relying on partners, as well as the speed of research and development has, however, an internal source revealed that the modem 5G Apple won’t come before the year 2022.

According to the website “gsmarena” the Indian, the Apple get the modem 5G a built-in chipset internal processor to reduce power consumption, where ever the company promised that it would devices المودم5G for Apple devices next year, the team has started R & D of its own for the season and wafers to the wireless, however the source revealed that the 2022 is a materials perspective, even if the manufacturing in a timely manner, there should be a time for testing, optimization and certification to ensure compliance with the world standards as well as the FCC’s local.

It is worth mentioning that the season is a way of linking the internal network for different devices of the user within his home for his work on the one hand, the internet on the other hand, an abbreviation of Modulator-DeModulator of any amendment and re-amendment, where it is being used season to disable the encryption of the digital signal emerging from the user’s device, and converted to the pulse of there cable phone no., and then decoding and re-adjusted again signals the number in the party area.

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