Phones iPhone being threatened by the India because of the application of anti-messages, calls, annoying

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The problem lies in trying to sell a product or service in multiple countries in different laws and procedures in each market or country in which the product. It seems that this is dealing with Apple now in India, where there is a possibility that is blocking the iPhone in the Indian market.

Basically, asking the telecom regulatory authority of India (TRAI) from Apple to allow an app called DND 2.0 to enter the Apple App Store. This is an app designed by the state to combat the calls, messages and spam in India, such as the prevention of unwanted text messages, as well as messages or calls marketing. However, it seems that Apple is hesitant about allowing the application access to the App Store own out of that ” violates the Privacy Policy “.

But as we have said, has proposed a new law to devices that do not comply with the request may be banned from connecting to call the cops local. According to India Today, this law states that ” each service provider to ensure within six months that supports all smartphones registered on its network powers necessary to run such applications. Provided that in case of failure to allow such devices to run these applications, service providers to call, at the request or decision of the authority to cancel these devices of the communication networks of their own “.

To be fair, Apple is working with engineers and government officials to discuss ways to allow the app to App Store without violating the user’s privacy, but it remains to be seen whether they will be able to reach a solution before the application of the ban.



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