Phones iPhone coming next year may come with larger batteries, according to a new report

iPhone 11 Pro Max

With the launch lineup iPhone 11 Series, the apple card and the largest in this collection meet the desire of many of its customers. I’ve had battery life in the iPhone somewhat controversial over the years, have felt many customers are thrilled when Apple improved the battery life in the iPhone 11 modern.

If you are planning to buy the iPhone in the year 2020, we’re here with some good news because according to a new report recently released by The Elec, it is expected to come to iPhones in the next year with larger batteries. The report claims that Apple will use a special unit to protect the battery which will be apparently smaller and thinner than the current unit.

As a result, will provide a large space inside the phone itself, which in turn can be used to include a bigger battery. We don’t know the battery capacity that will be used already, but still this news is welcome. There have been many articles that attributed this shift in design to the adventure Jony Ive for Apple.

He was known for Jony Ive using design slim, which makes it difficult for the company to use larger batteries in its smart phones. However, given that Jony Ive is no longer part of Apple, some argue that this has allowed the company to establish devices may be a little thicker to accommodate batteries of a larger size. It is also rumored that the iPhone coming next year will sensor fingerprint in the screen as it will support the 5G.


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