Phones iPhone coming this year may not take up the port to Lightning for USB Type-C

iPhone XS Max

I’ve always shipped Apple turning with its smart phones instead of using the same product used by manufacturers for Android phones. Were previous reports suggested that the company was testing some prototypes of the iPhone expected later this year include the homes of the type a USB Type-C instead of Lightning. However, here we are with a new report claiming the opposite.

The report of the city of the famous Japanese Macotakara says that the iPhone New coming in the second half of this year will not include a port the USB Type-C, but will continue to use separate Lightning as it is available. It should be noted that this is the same city that accurately predicted the coming of the tablet, the iPad Pro 2018 with a separate USB Type-C instead of Lightning in the past year. So, there may be some truth in its claim to the latter.

Adds report that iPhone next new this year will come with the normal charger Apple 5W USB-A in the science. If that’s accurate, you’ll ask the customers to again buy the cable ” USB-C to Lightning ” separately in addition to the charger supports USB-C and Power Delivery to get the Quick Charge feature.

Obviously, Apple has not confirmed anything about the iPhone coming later this year so far, and will do so probably in the coming months. Will not be detected phones the new iPhone until September at least, so there is still enough time to get more rumors and leaks related to this phone.

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