Phones iPhone coming this year will support the pen, Apple, Pencil, and 512GB of memory

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As all of you probably know, the digital Apple Pencil designed in the foundation of the revelation of the iPad, but over the years we’ve been hearing that Apple may be considering support for this digital pen in the iPhone’s future, this year might be the year that will be achieved, or at least that’s what the analysts at the institution TrendForce specialized in market research.

According to the report, the iPhone coming this year didn’t support a digital pen Apple Pencil only, but will upgrade the memory capacity of the storage to 512GB. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Samsung decided to launch a version equipped with 512GB of internal memory of the phone Galaxy Note 9, which is the phone that comes with a digital pen S Pen, the most advanced yet.

Since we are seeing an increase in the number of pixels cameras support videos 4K, it means that the more memory storage is necessary and 512GB of memory storage seem to bet properly. We’re not sure if it will provide models of iPhone with 512GB of memory storage along with the models with 256GB of memory storage, or whether the model of the 512GB will replace the model of 256GB.

We also wonder what can this mean for Passport Essential that come with 64GB of internal memory. You will be rid of apple of this option or will you keep it? In both cases, please handle with all that said Now with the least amount of protection but come back to us next month where he is expected to know Apple for its phones to the new officially.


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