Phones iPhone equipped with a screen LCD will be part of the lineup of Apple TV until the year 2020

iPhone X

For a very long time, remained the Apple used LCD screens in the iPhone, but last year the company decided to use OLED screens for the first time ever in smart phones, with the phone iPhone X. it is largely expected that Apple eventually moving fully to the OLED screens, but for those who prefer LCD screens, it seems that iPhones with screens LCD will remain available for a while.

According to a new report released recently from South Korea, it seems that it is expected to use Apple in the manufacturing of iPhones with LCD screens over the next two years. There were claims to suggest that this year may be the last year of LCD screens in phones, Apple TV, but the report from Korea now says that Apple is working on an iPhone New will be launched in 2019 with the LCD Screen, this means that we can expect to see the LCD screen in the iPhone at least one more next year.

In fact, this is not surprising because the OLED screens last much longer in terms of production compared to LCD, this is the reason that Apple’s investment in the company LG Display to help the production of OLED screens to meet the demand of Apple a huge. Can’t confirm these rumors at the moment, so it is best to deal with the least amount of protection.

However, it is Phone iPhone with LCD screens of Apple TV sounded great, always, even if she keeps the Apple in the production of iPhones with screen LCD, it is not necessarily a bad thing, but what do you think you are? Are you ready to buy iPhone with the LCD screen if it means it will be cheaper compared to the iPhone screen OLED’s?


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