Phones iPhone equipped with the information 5G designed by Apple won’t arrive any time soon


She finished the Apple and Qualcomm conflict of jurisdiction was between them in many courts around the world, which support the speculation that says that the first iPhone compatible with the 5G will arrive in 2020. I hesitated earlier the possibility of using modem 5G of Intel Corporation in the iPhone future, but not decided Intel pull out of the market modem the 5G designed for smartphones, has become Qualcomm is the only option for Apple.

However, there were also reports claiming that Apple may require to design modems 5G own, and now a new report from website The Information indicates that the iPhone that includes a modem 5G of Apple itself won’t arrive until 2025 at least. Thus, this means that Apple will take from 5 to 6 years before you can develop modem 5G own, and that’s assuming he won’t be in five years or the next six replacement technology 5G technology 6G, and that we still use smart phones.

As for the reason behind the wait for the Apple TV for all this time, it is because the development of its own it takes longer than expected with the year 2025 as the deadline. Coincidentally, the report claims that this is due to the company signing a license agreement with Qualcomm as part of its label. It is estimated that agreement this license is valid for 6 years, which means that Apple won’t be able to start to use its own technical after that.

Anyway, looks like we’ll have to wait for a very long time before we see the iPhone equipped with the information 5G designed by Apple, so don’t hold your breath since now.

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