Phones iPhone has become wireless in full in the year 2021, according to a new report

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Since Apple is using USB Type-C in your iPad Pro, it has been speculate that the company could eventually make a similar change on the iPhone. However, it turns out that it won’t be as well. Instead, they are expected to adhere to the Apple using a separate Lightning until the year 2021 where the company can then offer phones iPhone completely wireless.

While this may look like a rumor unruly, it should be noted that they come from the the Chinese famous Ming-Chi Kuo, who has always been accurate in the past. At the moment, supports the phones iPhone shipping wired and wireless. We heard a while ago that Apple is working on revolutionary new technology for wireless charging that can charge the iPhone without having to pad the shipping.

If the predictions of Ming-Chi Kuo is correct, we may see this technology in the iPhone in the next two years. This is because at the present time, still wireless charging in phones, the iPhone has been slow compared with wired charging, which means they are uncomfortable. However, if you get rid apple of conjugations wired completely, this indicates that the company should be very confident of its technology in order to do so.

Although the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a proven track record when it comes to rumors, it should be dealt with in this report the least amount of protection at the moment, but we have to admit that we are very excited about this possibility.

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