Phones iPhone, hours Apple Watch future may be able to monitor the risk of biological

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG

Can be for smart watches, specifically the hours Apple Watch, tracking the health of the wearer, such as heart rate, where can alert users when the heart rate is too low or too high, or when the rhythm is abnormal, which suggests that there is something wrong. But in the future can use the Smart Watch Apple Watch to do more than just tracking personal health.

The patent was discovered recently by website Patently Apple, it seems that Apple is targeting the idea of integrating the sensors in the Apple Watch or iPhone to allow it to detect biological hazards in the air. Usually the toxic gases, especially those that can’t be snorted, dangerous because you may be actually implemented many of them. However, this sensor will alert the users to such risks that surround them.

We believe that such sensors can be useful for law enforcement who say inspections to thwart any potential terrorist attacks, or by the armies against the enemies who are using chemical attacks. Of course, these sensors will be very useful, but since this is just a patent, it means that there is no confirmation that Apple will include in the Smart Watch Apple Watch or the iPhone.

And speaking of Apple Watch, we have heard in the past reports that Apple is targeting the mechanism of non-surgical and allow for the Smart Watch Apple Watch measuring the level of glucose in the blood of the user.


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