Phones iPhone new may disable the option of fast charging at the chargers is

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It may not be possible to charge the iPhone next using the charger the USB Type-C is not supported. Claims a new report that the next smartphone of Apple may call the C-AUTH. It’s the authentication certificate for cables USB Type-C check if the cables and chargers related to the certified by the company.

The report issued by the city to the Japanese Macotakara suggests that the iPhone killer of Apple TV will support certificate authentication. Thus, if the user connects the iPhone with the new charger the USB Type-C is not supported, the telephone will automatically limit the capacity of the shipper will not be allowed to charge your phone quickly.

Thus, users who wish to charge phones and iPhones faster they’ll have to buy a charger for a formal or charger USB Type-C from an outside company got the certificate of authentication of knowledge.

The Create a certificate authentication C-AUTH by the organization of the USB Implementers Forum, which is Apple a member. This helps the teacher to check the certificates encrypted. Abandon certificate of authentication this limit to curb the speed of the shipping in the chargers is not validated, it is possible to use it to prevent attacks man in the middle by allowing only specific devices to contact each other, which is useful for companies to secure within the company.

Thus won’t charge the iPhone at a speed of 18 watts. If you don’t screen officially or holds a certificate of authentication, will be the charging speed is limited. Been offering this camp for the first time in January of this year and likely adopted in cell phones new iPhone which is scheduled to launch in autumn this year.



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