Phones Pixel 3 will be available in four colors

With the great similarity in the design of the phones, color became one of the most important differences phenotypic focus of the manufacturers, in this regard, it seems that phones Pixel 3 will get new colors.

I knew phones Pixel is always in the background is a tone of the same color, the tone is dark and the other light, it seems that the change in the degree of color will be less pronounced according to the leaks.

Location Google Japan launched the suspense before about a week she looks for the Pixel 3 due to the tone of my colors, showing where background pixels 3 tones in three colors, white, black and Mint, noted as a line in green on the White, Mint and grey on the black next to the white frame.

This, it seems that someone discovered the color of the fourth Code source to Google, which is Pink, where to show the background Pixel 3 tones of pink with the same white frame and grey box with black trousers. And go GSMArena that the code is incomplete may mean that Google is serving us with this color, as it may be the color of the Pixel just 3, without 3 XL.

In every case, whether the Pixel 3 XL bnwt or not, and any colors will be available phones Pixel 3, it will be a date revealed officially on Tuesday 9 October.

Source: GSMArena

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