Phones Pixel 4 Apply now officially from Google starting price of $ 799

Starting all from my phone. Pixel 4 ÙˆPixel 4 XL now officially from the search giant with a system of radio Soli, which supports the user in various tasks including registration and face recognition, with the price starts from $ 799.

Offer Google phones Pixel 4 Today with its new Star War with new gestures through a system of Soli, and to operate the same business from Apple in the Face ID in recent versions of phones iPhone, which enables the registration directly in the app, with support for higher standards of protection.

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Technology Motion Sense in phones Pixel 4 to support the user in controlling a lot of functions in the phone by swiping the hand above the screen, where the user can mute the alerts, refused to received calls, or control the operation of different media on the screen in apps YouTube or Spotify or other apps.

Features Phone Pixel 4 size of screen is 5.7 inch, resolution 2220 in 1080p, while the phone comes Pixel 4 XL-sized 6.3-inch screen, HD display 3200 in 1080p, with the OLED screen in both versions, support the refresh rate of 90Hz at the screen to experience the flow in the screen.

And Google phones Pixel 4 experience developed in the course of its digital, which comes to update new in these versions, with the language model can be adjusted to comply directly with the local language.

And slide phone Pixel 4 and 4 XL for pre-booking today, to begin shipping on the 22nd of October, where the starting price of the Pixel 4 of the $ 799, as the starting price Phone Pixel 4 XL than the price of 899 dollars, and Google offer 3 months free in the Google One, with a capacity of 100 GB in the cloud service.


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