Phones POCO.. Shawty show the new name

Despite its reliance on the issuance of phones to the competition price. it seems that the company shau have more steps in the coming period. According to what we know now the Chinese will soon separate company on behalf of the POCO which will phones priced more expensive to compete with Samsung and other companies.

Wrote Jay Mani Product Manager at Shaw, who will head the new company now about the new project POCO via Twitter expressed that the company’s goal is to provide new technologies of interest to the user. Joined the Jay Mani to Shawty 2014 coming from company Google to become one of the major characters in the giant company ever since.

And it seems that this company will be essentially to at least wave to the Indian market flared currently by the war lead among Samsung’s share, where it supplanted Shawty Samsung on the throne of sales in India recently to record a very important step so that the Indian market is huge with hundreds of millions of us who don’t own smart phones of the foundation.

Samsung is not silent on the act of removal of the fore where the company recently opened the largest factory for smartphones in the world production capacity of 120 million phones annually, and that this war will not end easily after the detection Shao from the POCO Phone.

Although not to detect the company officially about any new products except that the rumors that have come to police before she was able to access the name of the first phones which will get the name of the POCO Phone F1 the authenticity of its sources.

And the specifications of the phone may see a hard-on screen battery 4000 mAh front camera is 20 megapixel and the entrance to the earphones 3.5 mm in addition to a Snapdragon 845. It is expected the phone is priced at 480 dollars to copy a 6 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory 520 $ to copy a 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory, as expected in October or on a date close to that if your previous reports that dealt with the details of the phone Shawty new or how to say Telephone POCO new . Will Shao on areas the same as new? Maybe we should just wait to see the effect of this step.

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