Photo and leaked details about the phone Redmi Note 8 before its official release

Phone Redmi Note 8

The company announced the Shao long ago, earlier it plans to issue a new phone carries the name of Redmi Note 8 is supplied with this phone بمستشعرISOCELL Bright GW1 inform the accuracy of the 64-megapixel, confirmed to launch this phone soon will be available in the markets officially.

It seems that the announcement official on the phone you will soon be where it was leaking some details about the specs Redmi Note 8 before the date of the announcement of its release on the market, and what it looks like through this recording that the phone Redmi Note 8 will be the best versions of the company Shao my.

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Some details about the phone Redmi Note 8 new ” leaks “

  • Comes phone Redmi Note 8 with a screen 6.2-inch resolution of HD+.
  • Get a fantastic design in which a small bump at the top Dot Drop.
  • Battery the phone comes with 5000 mAh
  • The phone design more different from the previous versions.
  • Through the pictures that have been leaked new phone show that it comes with a camera-tech artificial intelligence HD.
  • There is a separate 3.5 mm headphone at the top unlike the previous version for Note 7, which was the area where the bottom of the.
  • Display screen distinct dimensions huge.
  • The processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 comes with 6 GB RAM.
  • Three rear cameras, the primary camera of them come strictly 48 megapixels while the second camera accurately 12 mega pixel camera

هاتف Redmi Note 8

Release date phone Redmi Note 8 new

  • You will be issued with the phone officially in all the markets in the month of October next and this is based on leaks.
  • The new phone of Shaw shows that he needs to open the sim card on the left side of the phone.
  • The rear camera in the new phone comes the design vertical wave in the middle of the back of the phone.

Leaked images of the phone Redmi Note 8 new

  • Or through the registry recent photo of the phone shows that it comes with a processor G90T a new wave of games.
  • As it works with a screen of 6.3 inches with a resolution of HD+ .
  • The battery here is so huge a volume of 5000 ML amp.

صور مسربة من هاتف Redmi Note 8 الجديد

This image leaked from the phone perspective its launch in October next.

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