Photo Gallery Of Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro. Yes, it will have the unibrow

Recently Xiaomi introduced a bit of a weird smartphone Redmi and Redmi 6A 6. More precisely, there was a second model.

To complete the line lacked only Redmi 6 Pro (why not Plus as in the fifth series?). According to new data, it will be presented on June 25. And while you can see how it will look.

So, this will be the first budget model from Xiaomi monopoly. By its design the Redmi 6 Pro is almost a twin of the model Redmi Note 5/Note 5 Pro (in different markets, this model is named differently).

The novelty will receive a slightly smaller screen: 5.85 inch resolution 2280 x 1080 pixels against a six-inch panel of its predecessors. RAM is 3-4 GB flash memory — 32-64 GB. AKB will not change and will remain with the capacity of 4000 mA·h. On the platform there is no accurate data. Sources suggest that it will be Snapdragon 625, as Redmi 5 Plus (which markets it is called the Redmi Note 5). Although it’s kind of weird. In the Junior models of the sixth line of the platform became more powerful and older will remain the same?

As for prices, sources put the number at 155 dollars, but it is so much asking for the older version of Redmi 6, so I think a little more. In General, strangely all from Xiaomi. The sixth ruler was released after only six months (well slightly more) after the fifth. Some characteristics became even worse, and it is unclear what will happen with the fifth line. If it remains, get the most that neither is the competition between its own models. And withdraw it from the market like before.

What do you think? As you Redmi 6 Pro monopoly?

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