Photo gallery the new Curator to organize your photos using artificial intelligence

معرض الصور الجديد Curator لتنظيم صورك باستخدام الذكاء الاصطناعي

When it comes to personal files like pictures and video, the first thing the user must think of him, is how to protect his files This not allow one to work in its specificity, in the same context, some of the users do not prefer to store their files in the cloud, in short I don’t believe in these services, whatever kind, in this point “audio and video” there is a service of Google rich from the definition is known as the “Google image”, where, despite their advantages, tools and there are some don’t like dealing with it.

Therefore, the process of cleaning the photos and save them and delete the duplicate ones and even search and image recognition through Google image won’t be of interest to those users, the other point the absence of Internet connection this service will be of its presence and whether or not one, so what is the alternative product for this operations without compromising privacy!

Fortunately there is a very convenient alternative, which is the application of the Curator raised recently on the store Google Play, where with this new app and using the capabilities of artificial intelligence will be able to make the search for your photos and intuitive and faster without compromising privacy, and most of all without having to connect to the internet.

It is characteristic of the application of the Curator that includes a feature nodding to interact with the images, the advantages of the special folders and the trash, the tool marks allocated to accelerate the process of finding images, as well as improved search and albums involved, and people and animals and flowers ,,,etc just a Google image but heels longer by not having the internet.

Finally application of the Curator is available for free download and full of on store Google Play, currently in its pilot phase “beta”, so you may experience some problems during your experience to the investigation, but that does not prevent it from downloading and try it.

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