#photo | Mars found the logo of “Starfleet” from “star trek”

It seems that the “Star fleet” decided to literally mark our planetary neighbor. Analyzing images taken by the spacecraft Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), scientists from the University of Arizona discovered one very fun feature on the surface of the red planet – dune in the form of the famous logo of the “Starfleet” from the universe of “star trek”. This finding surprised even the Kirk (actor William Shatner).

The actor jokingly said opening:

Hey, Star wars! Can you, a vile rebels hurry? See [what] we were robbed!

How did “the logo of Starfleet” on Mars?

Don’t expect to see Spock, Jean-Luc Picard or Michael Burnham sitting next to the sun beds and sipping mojitos intergalactic. Like the famous “Face of Mars” the logo “Star fleet” appeared on the surface of the red planet by a lucky chance. According to scientists, its unusual Crescent shape is due to the interaction of lava, sand and wind.

“Diligent observers made the discovery, finding that these formations look like the famous logo. But it is just a coincidence,” writes Ross Beyer from the University of Arizona in a press release accompanying the published images.

In fact, such “icons” were discovered on the surface of Mars a few hundred. For example, about 300 of them located on the Plain of Hellas in the southern hemisphere of the planet, and about 480 — in the area called the Labyrinth of Night.

Scientists using the instrument HiRISE, installed on interplanetary spacecraft MRO, ‘ve spent years studying similar formations on Mars and reported that they now understand how the red planet could appear kind of bizarre landscape.

They were formed after the eruption of a Martian volcano. First lava flowed across the sand, skirting the dunes, but it was not enough to cover the dunes completely. In the end, she is frozen in the form in which we see it now. As for the dunes that skirted the lava, then over time the winds have blown the sand. So the unexpected education of scientists called “the casts of dune”.

“But it’s still just the dunes. The wind continued to blow and blow off the sand with them. In the end, the sand vidosa, leaving behind such education,” — said in a statement the University of Arizona.

Despite the fact that the logo “star trek” appeared on Mars by chance, after these findings it is safe to say that the device holds the MRO in orbit very red “a long and prosperous life,” as we would say in popular sci-Fi universe. The probe for 13 years, tirelessly send to Earth new images of the surface of our planetary neighbor, long ago, breaking the threshold of the scheduled time of work. He also serves as a communications relay between the Rovers NASA “Curiosity” and InSight, and probably still will serve the same purpose in the mission “Mars 2020”, in which frameworks on the Red planet are going to send the Rover of the new generation.

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