Photo of Hollywood actor helped the facial recognition system to catch similar criminal

The new York police Department used a photograph of Hollywood actor woody Harrelson in order to catch a thief, which is very similar to it, with the help of face recognition. the incident occurred almost two years ago, but became aware of it only recently. Due to the fact that law enforcement was a picture of very poor quality, they were loaded into a facial recognition photo of the actor in high resolution, which I found on the Internet.

Interesting, but it worked — the system was able to find several suitable options of people in new York, then the police found the thief and soon made his arrest. The criminal was guilty of stealing beer from the store across the street.

According to the report of the University of Georgetown, law enforcement officers from the new York Department often does not hesitate to use pictures of innocent people to find them like criminals. One of the clearest cases, when the facial recognition system was uploaded photo of the player famous basketball club, so the police arrested the thief at the other end of the city.

Researchers believe that the police negligently treat existing tool, and although for the last 5 years the recognition system was used only 3 000 times, there is no guarantee that because of the false photos are not arrests or charges against innocent citizens. The police take the position “on war all means are good” and specify that because of just one match in the parameters of the exterior one not put in jail.

Question of professionalism of this approach remains open, more interested in something else: how is “cheating” the system of face recognition? To clearly demonstrate this, the scientists cited several examples. First, since the victims are created sketches, and already on their basis are photos of people (mostly innocent, but sometimes they are already in the police database, and in other cases). Pictures are uploaded into the system, and she finds the right culprit.

Recall that in August last year in Russia using the system of face recognition have been caught the first offender. The technology allows the cameras to check up to 20 people per second. Previously, the system created by Russian engineers, has recognized the best in US intelligence.

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