Photo one Samsung 10 killer Android Bay reveal great changes

Although it is the largest manufacturer of smart phones, know Samsung delaying the update software, but the new diversion revealed that the company is advanced in the processing interface experience-based 10 Android 9 Bay.

The images below of the Galaxy S9+ and for large changes on the facade of the Samsung, despite the presence of some bugs and lack of development which is normal for being in the development stage.

The beginning of the lock screen, change the general appearance of the updated plan and the transfer of the subject time and date to the middle of the screen, and replace the application icons quick lines and simple color above the name of the app.

When you stop for the main screen, note the navigation buttons as amended, which became more simple, although you can disable them in favor of using a system of gestures of the new. In both cases, show open applications recently has become in a horizontal position with the application bar below it.

Speaking of the notification panel are used to design the cards which deals more with the edges of the curved screen, in addition to improvements on the section settings fast.

Provided interface Samsung 10 for the first time AL Dark, who appears in the photo below, after he became a regular in popular applications. Has also seen camera apps, communication and messaging and picture mail and Peter get some major improvements, besides the overall improvements of the corners of the circular design is simplified.

In general, it seems that the interface is Samsung’s new will bring some radical changes to the user experience, given the leadership of the company make too many adjustments at the time relatively tight, it seems that project Google the Tribune which separates the user interface from the Android Raw is paying off already, which is what makes us expect to put up a new update before the usual time.


Source: XDA Developers

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