Photo service Google work on adding proper support voice Samsung animated

خدمة صور قوقل تعمل على إضافة الدعم المناسب لصور سامسونج المتحركة

Images are Animated “Motion Photos” Add interesting tools for our export, since with this property will not be saved only image, but also a short video about that moment, if you’re interested in photographing pets or fast-moving or any important moments again, we can provide you with the car animation can’t capture the normal export.

But because each company has its applied Your of animated pictures, some not compatible with each other or with Google image, and this is the case for the buy Samsung, but now things have changed, where the kind of Google image on adding support for animated images your phones Samsung, where the reported number of users that moving images captured on devices Galaxy the S 9 and S 10, began to emerge and correctly on the service Google image, whether on Android or on the web.

خدمة صور قوقل تعمل على إضافة الدعم المناسب لصور سامسونج المتحركة

This means that it is possible to click a button Motion to see the decision attached to or stop him and get the image fixed, and is also loaded properly on the web, and in this regard, the users also that the sound of freedom attached to not immediately appear in Google image and animation is not exactly the same as the images provided by Samsung, confirms that Google uses an algorithm of its own to install them and get the clip fixed.

Finally, this add-on is available on a very limited number of users, it seems that the change of the server-side, so you need patience, days or weeks again to see her ready to use, at the same time can Google for this support without reasons.

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