#Photo: the User is informed about the fire Galaxy S10 after the fall

Since the debacle of the Galaxy Note 7, flaming for no apparent reason, it took almost three years, but we still from time to time think about them if you hear about the fire next smartphone. Particularly easy to draw an analogy, if the device is made by Samsung, which apparently will never be able to wash off this stigma. This confirms the first case of ignition of the Galaxy S10, which unexpectedly caught fire after the impact from falling on the ground.

About fire Galaxy S10 informed user from South Korea, hiding under the name Rivon. He explained that he dropped the smartphone from his hands, and he fell to the ground, suddenly began to burn. To confirm his words, Rivon has published photos of the burned unit, which can be identified as 5G Galaxy S10. This is evident by the elongated front camera and chetyrehstennoy the main camera, located on the rear panel of the smartphone.

Exploded battery?

Judging by the damage, the fire started at the bottom of Galaxy S10 5G, practically did not reach the top. Most likely, the strike provoked the battery is damaged and leaks lithium, which led to fire, so fundamentally, this case has much in common with the Galaxy Note 7, which suffered from the same problem. However, representatives of the service center, which asked Rivon, prefer not to jump to conclusions, though, and agree that the ignition is triggered the strike.

As of April 30, Samsung did not respond to the message about the fire Galaxy S10 5G. At least, the relevant information did not appear in the public field. Probably the company would prefer to conduct its own investigation before making any conclusions. But, I would not be wrong in assuming that the leadership of the Samsung perspiration, when they learned about the spontaneous combustion of a branded smartphone, sincerely hoping that this is an isolated case that will never happen again.

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