Photo trying several cleansing device Sony home the next Playstation 5!


Spread on the internet the other day, the image of design of art made by scoring the Sony for your letter is coming, and has been confirmed by one of the officials in the company “Codemasters”, the British picture is not only a cleansing kit for your Sony home next and that we’re going to have according to the Playstation 5 so says Sony announced the official name for the device.

More virtual images (mock-ups) for several development spread on the internet as can be seen in the bottom, and it’s worth noting that the design of several development different from the design of the device itself, i.e., that this will not be the design of the Playstation 5. And Sony has confirmed earlier this year that its new console will have fast unit to store data an SSD, it will also support the device the technique of Ray Tracing and the latest technological developments from AMD at the level of processing or technology fees.

Planned to launch the device in next year 2020.

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