Photos.. a tour inside the headquarters of Amazon’s new.. cost $ 4 billion


Opened Amazon yesterday its new headquarters in Seattle, which costs $ 4 billion, during a huge event climbed the chief executive of the American company of Jeff bezos to the area to view office space new, hidden inside the glass domes covered with crawling the website, which dubbed The spheres.

جيف بيزوس رئيس الشركةJeff bezos the chief of police

Showed the CEO of the company how can call the personal assistant of Alex from the upper part by force, to respond to voice commands to open the glass domes and uncover the Office hidden.

رئيس الشركة داخل المقرThe chief of police within the

Bezos said at the event, which was attended by the mayor of the city of Seattle and the staff of the Amazon and the press and others: “I brought a special friend with me today to assist in the grand opening, please watch me and look above your heads a moment, Alex, open the glass domes”.

أضواء معلقةHanging lights

Responded to the personal assistant to Alex immediately, and he answered saying: “OK Jeff”, providing the lights on for work and detect the new office.

According to the “Daily Mail” the British, in the inside there are more than 400 species of plants, as the company hopes that this gives the design staff a greater opportunity to change and holding meetings, which can serve as inspiration for new projects.

تصميم المقرDesign decision

Said John Schuler, Amazon’s vice president for real estate and facilities Global, in the event of the opening: “we wanted to create something really special, which is something iconic for our city of Seattle.”

أشجار داخل المقرTrees within the cemetery

Opened the new headquarters officially to the staff today, Tuesday, will be the employees of the company who work hard are able to take a break from the daily work by walking along the stone paths, the monitoring of small waterfalls, and enjoy the plants that have been brought in from a number of exotic locations in South America.

تصميم مقر أمازونThe design of the headquarters of the Amazon

The article points huge three office buildings on the form of huge balls, the longest of which reach 90 feet in diameter and 130 feet, according to Bloomberg News.

مقر أمازون من الداخلThe headquarters of the Amazon from the inside.

Structure was designed by the architectural firm of global NBBJ, which designed also the first place to Amazon, which is located in Seattle.

Will host three giant balls made of steel and rubber and glass in the street sex line in Seattle, more than 800 employees.

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